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Electrascan is a local consumer electronic repair business specializing in TV repair, serving Okaloosa County in and around Crestview, Florida for over 25 years  (850)689-3311.  
Neighboring cities in the service area include Baker, Holt, Fort Walton Beach, Destin and Laurel Hill. 

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A detailed list of Cost and Procedures.
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I am no longer repairing TVs due to no profit. 
I will still reply to emails sent to
and answer questions about your equipment.


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DLP and LCD Projection TVs employ a mercury vapor lamp which can be exhausted in 1 to 5 years.
The lamp (bulb only) is fairly expensive, $80 to $100 (in most cases) and $70 to install.
The original Lamp Assembly is a little more expensive, listed by Set Manufacture / Model # and $50 to install.
You can get a "China?" NO-NAME replacement cheaper, and that is what you will get.
According to most manufacturers these are user replaceable items, but not all users should do it.
My service will include cleaning filters and resetting the lamp counter where applicable. 

You may check the prices, even order for yourself on the Research Page by clicking on any of the companies listed, then enter your model number where requested and look for 'lamp'.

Below is a sample of what we repair.

 Other items may be considered for repair but one must also consider the value of repair verse replacement.  To check on times, warranty, areas, and other charges, please go to our 

Scheduling Page.

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Picture Tube TV

HD Picture Tube 
Standard Projection
LCD & DLP Projection
 LCD Panel 
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