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Welcome to my online store! Well, more like a Store Room (Garage) Sale, no restocking intended.
I'm selling many items that have been gathering dust and I'm giving you the chance to put it to work. Orders $50.00 or more have free U.S. Post Office shipping.  Less than $50 order will be shipped $10.00 via U.S. Post Office. If you wish it to be billed tax free you will need to send a copy if your business sales tax ID number.

All pictures located on this site are of the item you are buying (WYSIWYG) unless otherwise stated. 
Large items such as circuit boards will carry a 30 day 'first use' warranty.

Payment can be over the phone, credit card to my Square app.
I no longer accept PayPal since they took an active position to allow men in ladies restrooms.
This site has limited financial security and credit card numbers on an email are not recommended.
We can discuss the options via email first. email me   

You can use control-F to search for a specific part on this page.

Main Control board for Model SMH9187BXAA & SMH9187STXAA

Samsung RAS-SM7MGV-07



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I have tried to be careful not to use any copy-written material on this site. However posting material I receive by way of email lends to the possibility of unintentional copy- write violations.  If you see either images or language that is copy-written, please email me at once so that I may delete that information.  Thank You.