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What I think about a `woman’s right to choose’, life or death.

The design of a woman’s body is specifically organized to reproduce life through bearing of children, whether you believe it was designed by a God or by evolution is not important at this point.  It is an individual woman’s choice how she will make use of her own body, as long as it is her own body we are speaking about.  She may use any contraceptive procedure she chooses, as that decision is strictly between her and her God, or whomever she places confidence in their opinions.  When she comes to a point of having unprotected sex, she has given up the authority to decide and placed the result in the hands of God or chance, which ever she may believe.  If a new life is formed after she has relieved herself of the choice to protect against pregnancy, any choice to turn back now is a new and different decision.  This new decision is whether one has the right to murder someone else for the enrichment of another.  It matters not if the new life is still in the womb or if it is 3 years later. 

When it comes to 'babies' having babies, the young girls mother has chosen for her by not educating her daughter and now has the responsibility as though she was caring the fetus herself.



A woman may choose what to do with her body until she chooses not to choose.

Her choice ends with unprotected sex.  She has chosen to let life take its course.

Once committed it to be the resolution of another, the commitment is not revocable.

Law may uphold the woman’s choice beyond sex if the sex was not in her choosing, however natural order of life does not authorize murder under any circumstances.  A child’s life should never be ended due to the indiscretion of the father, or the mother for that matter; age of the new life is not a factor. 


I admit this seems heartless as it was written by a man.  My interest is in protecting the one who had no decision in this matter, the new life.


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