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Our Mission

The Company known as Electrascan Electronic Repair is now Closed

I am currently redesigning this web and assigning it and my remaining days
 to the Honor of my Lord and Savior

I will assign an email address for this when I am ready to take your comments


The Information that follows show the previous information of my company and myself.

Electrascan was committed to providing you the best home electronic repair service in the area.  
Our motto was "Quality Service with Integrity". 

Company Profile

This company is owned and operated by me, Tony Rowan. I am it's only employee and it is my intent to give you the best service possible.

I am retired U.S.A.F. and opened this business in May 1991.  I operated an in-shop repair service with as many as 5 employees until Dec 1997 when it was closed due to excessive overhead and the falling price of consumer electronics. Two months later, Feb 1998 I reorganized and reopened as an in-home repair service where I am now able to keep both the overhead and cost of repair below the competitors.

Some ask if I have official invoices, Yes



Contact Information

Tony Rowan

Telephone (answering machine)
850-689-3311  no longer my number
Postal address
Physical address supplied by individual request. 
This is my home and some control of privacy is required.
       Please send an Email if Snail Mail address is needed.
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