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If you had an experience like mine I recommend contacting your congressman and senators. I asked the ACS interviewer 3 times why they couldn't get some parts of the survey from the 10 year census which I already completed and was simply reminded that is a different database and they are not connected.  Two different  mandatory databases?  I didn't like the sound of that but continued since I wanted to get done with it.

Database of contacts to the congress.

Census Bureau ACS WEB site


My email input to my representatives...

I am very angry over the intrusive nature of the Census Bureau's ACS American Community Survey required by a select portion of America.  I was threatened with punitive action if I did not respond and was assigned a case number. I did eventually respond with answers to about half of the questions, negative reply to the rest. I think I avoided the punitive action.  This is a very intrusive and unnecessary survey to be forced on the American population. Every question asked is already available through other government agencies using the appropriate need to know, the point is there is no need to know.  I believe the information taken was done for political purpose only and would like this survey to be stopped as a mandatory, punitive, survey.


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