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Dino oil?
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This is just a thought I had.... Still thinking on it .....

We have been told since oil was taken from the ground that oil comes from dinosaurs and other fossil remains. Frankly I am having a problem with that idea.

Crude oil is NOT biodegradable.
Much to do about the dangers of spilling it on the ground because it will get into our water source.
Some of the byproducts in processing is polymers, used to make plastics, not made by living tissue.
Animal fat can be cooked down by pressure and heat but will always degrade to dust from where it came.

One may argue that if you could get enough Dino fat, maintained in collection pools, that with time (billions of years), you could get this this sludge called crude.  

Ok lets start with how many Dinos you would need.  Lets say an animal the size of an elephant could cook out about 10 gallons of pure lard. Now age this biodegradable lard about a billion years and you would get nothing.  But lets pretend it won't completely break down and you can get a cup of non-biodegradable sludge. 16 cups per gallon = 16 Dinos per gallon.  200,000 gallons = 3.2 million elephant sized dinos leaking out of the gulf spill every day.  That would be 96 million dinos wasted in one month. This is the amount leaking from only one well in one month. 63 wells running at this rate for only one month would leak out more dinos than we have people on the earth today. I do not think we ever had enough dinos on the planet to make as much oil as we are using. 

Now we have to get every one of these Dinos to donate to the community 'pool'.  I do not think that even Obama could organize this community event.  You would need all the dinos to gather in the areas we now know as oil fields and die, all at the same time.  Now you will need to bury them, all at the same time.  Or maybe they were all gathered together in their communities and then buried alive. At least a trillion of them. Absurd.     

And finally, all this oil is pushing like crazy to get out, what pushed it down,, > 5 miles.

For billions of years to pass you would have to be an atheist.

What if Crude oil is a mineral type product left here by the Creator. 

Earth would not have been able to be a violently hot ball of lava because the oil mineral would burn up.  Rather the earth would have to be created in a sustainable, cool earth, the oil beds would need to maintain over many thousands of years.

Some may even suggest that the oil is necessary as a balancer fluid to allow the plates to move easier.  The more we take out the more violent the earthquakes become.

Still thinking on it .....













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