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I am repeatedly told I need a disclaimer on the web site, so, here it is.

I hate disclaimers that go on and on with words you canít understand just to say itís not their fault

1. I accept no responsibility for what you do, even if you saw it done here.
2. Therefore, I can accept no Ďthanksí for what you do, even if you saw it done here.
3. Take what you see here as background info of what works for someone else, it may not be right for you.
4. If you are offended by something you read, ask yourself why.  If your not happy with your answer, browse till you find someone that agrees with you.
I think that should just about cover it, unless this is not what they mean about a disclaimer. 
Just know whatever happens, when you do it, itís not my fault.


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I have tried to be careful not to use any copy-written material on this site. However posting material I receive by way of email lends to the possibility of unintentional copy- write violations.  If you see either images or language that is copy-written, please email me at once so that I may delete that information.  Thank You.