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Can the United States of America be Fixed
You know, the country the world wanted to be like.

Of course it can be fixed, but not by the congress or it's president!

To bring us back to greatness will require Constitutional Amendments. 
I'm not a lawyer and can only speak in simple terms, I'm sure to have a few gaps in my plan..

Whether it will take 3 separate amendments or can be crafted into one Amendment would be left to the legal experts.

1)  There MUST be federal term limits. 
The House may serve 3 consecutive 2 year terms and a maximum of 5 lifetime terms (10 years),
the Senate will be 2 terms (12 years), 
and the President will remain 2 terms (8 years).
The reasons are obvious and have been argued often.

2)  There MUST be payroll and retirement limitations.
State Congress should receive the average of all Working Class Employed (WCE) in their state 
and excludes business CEOs.  (I don't think this can go on a Constitutional Amendment)
Federal Congress should receive the average of all states WCE plus 10%.
The Vice-President should  receive the average of all states WCE plus 15%
The President should  receive the average of all states WCE plus 30%
Retirements would be limited to 33% per term capped at 2 terms.
Benefit packages can not exploit their income over the designated.
Payroll and Retirements would be updated once a year and may go up or down.
The beauty of this plan is that if Congress wants more pay, they must improve the nation.
It would be interesting how the income redistribution effort would play out.

3)  ALL elected officials and their staff MUST live by the laws they create.
This is a no brainer.  No law should be written they can't live by.

With these three changes, elected officials would be forced to improve the quality of life
to improve themselves.  Personal greed would be more difficult to satisfy, doing the right thing
would come first and America would stand out for good again. 

Yea, I know, this is a pipe dream. Maybe America can't be fixed.



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