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Global Warming
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WOW  7.5 million results for "global warming" on Google

I just had to hook this to my front page

How can something we have no control over, 

have so many thinking we can fix it?

On second thought, is it really broken?

So How real is Global Warming - Hysteria?

First we should not be asking 
is the ice melting because the earth is getting warmer,
rather we should recognize 
the earth may be getting warmer because the ice is melting!

The object out of place here is the ice. What made the ice and cooled the planet is gone.
Simple FACTS for the simple minded Global Warming Liberal
Fact: Large plant eating animals, Woolly Mammoths (WM), are being found in the north pole ice cap
Fact: Stomach contents of a few WM have been identified, and are not found in cold climates
Fact: Many of these animals are found standing in the ice, not soil, evidence of sudden ice fall
Fact: WM remains have been found in a ring pattern all the way around the North Pole, 
this was not a pole shift 
The north pole was the north pole when the WM was eating grass
Fact: Glands for secreting oil onto the fur, as in other cold climate animals, are not found in the WM
Fact: There are many, many MODERN DAY warm climate animals found in the frozen north pole ice, evidence of RECENT sudden cold
Fact: Large coal beds have been found under Antarctica, coal comes from vegetation
Conclusion: The earth's polar region used to be MUCH warmer
Conclusion: Reduction of Industrialized Nation's greenhouse gases did not cause the ice the first time, 
so removing Industrial greenhouse gases wont bring the ice back now
Conclusion: The effects of what brought on the ice is dissipating, so the ice is melting
 Conclusion: As Earth was, so it will be, warmer

All the evidence is here to support the Bibles claim,
God brought on a Global catastrophe that 
CHANGED the Earth 4400 Years Ago


I know, some of you are believing we are going to drowned when the ice caps melt.

So, why didn't everything else drowned when the Woolly Mammoth's were eating grass and flowers in the area of the north pole?

Below are Links to some interesting Biblical based viewpoints to what did happen.
While I do not specifically hold to some of these denominational positions,
they do have an interesting grasp on earth's development.






The effects of what triggered the Global Flood 4400 years ago also triggered the Ice Age. While scientists won't all agree there was a GLOBAL flood, they do agree a catastrophe that could bring on such a flood would also TRIGGER an ice age.  Obvious signs of the flood are everywhere we look, but if we admit to the evidence we may feel obligated to admit there is a God and He does what He says He will Do.  All history books tell of an Ice Age, and most put it before the 'evolution' of warm blooded animals. Finding MODERN warm blooded animals in the North Pole Ice is a fact that proves the text book designers have an agenda to turn our eyes away from God. 

Is the earth getting warmer?  
Scientists say the average is about 1  degree per 100 years.
The temp rise is barely measurable.  IF this were consistent
that would make it about 44 degrees since the flood/Ice Age.
While we agree this may be too cool to support life, consider this,
there wasn't much life after the flood and
ice melts faster as it warms up.
How long have they been keeping these records accurately?
About 150 years.
1 1/2 measurement periods is hardly a scientific conclusion 
How long have we been using fossil fuels?
About 75 years.
fossil fuel has only been used 1/2 of total record keeping
Does the Sun play a role?
Scientists say the sunspot activity has been higher the last four 10/11 year cycles.
Sunspots have been tracked since 1755 with number and severity increasing slightly until just recently.
They were particularly active during the Oklahoma dust bowl years.
Lately they seem to have subsided somewhat and we just had one of the coolest springs in a long time.


For the nut that thinks he can control the Earth's temperature.....

Volcanoes actually LOWER Global Temperature
Mount Pinatubo in 1991:
The June 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo was global. Slightly cooler than usual temperatures recorded worldwide and the brilliant sunsets and sunrises have been attributed to this eruption that sent fine ash and gases high into the stratosphere, forming a large volcanic cloud that drifted around the world. The sulfur dioxide (SO2) in this cloud -- about 22 million tons -- combined with water to form droplets of sulfuric acid, blocking some of the sunlight from reaching the Earth and thereby cooling temperatures in some regions by as much as 0.5 degrees C. An eruption the size of Mount Pinatubo could affect the weather for a few years.
Tambora in 1815:
A similar phenomenon occurred in April of 1815 with the cataclysmic eruption of Tambora Volcano in Indonesia, the most powerful eruption in recorded history. Tambora's volcanic cloud lowered global temperatures by as much as 3 degrees C. Even a year after the eruption, most of the northern hemisphere experienced sharply cooler temperatures during the summer months. In parts of Europe and in North America, 1816 was known as "the year without a summer."

Vesuvius entered a new and particularly destructive phase in December 1631, when a major eruption buried many villages under lava flows, killing around 3,000 people. Torrents of boiling water were also ejected, adding to the devastation. Activity thereafter became almost continuous, with relatively severe eruptions occurring in 1660, 1682, 1694, 1698, 1707, 1737, 1760, 1767, 1779, 1794, 1822, 1834, 1839, 1850, 1855, 1861, 1868, 1872, 1906, 1926, 1929, and 1944.
The eruption of AD79 was much worse, note also the year Israel fell to Rome.

Solar flares, Sun Spots, and Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) hit the earth
in cycles and the temp goes up 


This was just 2 of nature's tools to move the temperature.

ALL the pollution we have poured into the air and the change was only 1 degree ?
How many CME's in the last 100 years?

No people, GOD has His hand on the thermostat. 

The north and south pole ice caps have been shrinking ever since we knew they were there.
The earth is still warming from the last "Ice Age". We really have little to do with it and even less ability (none) to reverse it. I believe that Corona Mass Ejections from the sun have far more impact on the planet than man can imagine.

But to consider for arguments sake the liberals were right, what can we expect.

Any one of the following ideas enacted in a radical movement would be devastating to our country

Raising the cost of energy to curb the use of oil --
this will raise the cost of everything else
people can't afford to buy, manufacturing will cut back
manufacturing cuts back, many many jobs will be lost
lost jobs means less money, people can't afford to buy
condition worsens till we are the 3rd world country starving and rioting in the streets

Exchanging food crops for automotive fuel -- 
many 3rd world countries we used to feed will loose the food aid and riot and starve in the streets
the process of cooking down ethanol consumes more energy than you get from the end product
we still are creating bad gasses and will not help in global warming

Making battery operated automobiles --
the chemical process of making and disposing batteries on a large scale creates a waste treatment nightmare
electricity will still have to be generated via coal or oil power stations, not much cleaner
transfer loss of electricity will make the power more expensive to use
won't be enough electricity, the amount of power required to to replace every car, impossible 

Derive electricity from nuclear power --
liberals have blocked this at every attempt, 
site history of
disposal of spent uranium is a problem 
with the few power plants we have most states have said, "not in my back yard"
consider the power needed, access to and quantity of uranium will be depleted faster than with oil

Windmill power stations --
you can't get enough windmills on the ground that will power one major city in each state
add in the cars,, well, there just isn't enough wind
I question if there is enough aluminum and copper on the earth that will lay the power grid required in one state like Texas, let alone the rest of the country, .. world 

 Solar power panels --
a standard house of 1500 square feet does not have enough roof to power today's house
solar panels to cover a 1500 square foot house would be over $200,000.00 
the byproducts (waste) to roof every house would be


Enacting these and other energy saving efforts in the right order, over perhaps a 100 year period, could indeed remove our dependence on oil. The long transition period is needed for technology advancement, and individual income to match the required expense.  If 'we' are responsible for global warming, and we start today to make the changes, the manufacturing transition to new technologies would be enough to fry us all.

It is sad how the greed and fear mongering of liberals can capitalize on 'natural' progression.
It is also sad to see that a liberal's first priority is to remove the influence of God.
You don't believe it?     Just follow the money!!!
There is a carbon tax just behind the wings, they call it 'Cap and Trade'

and about that rejecting the influence of God thing


and you thought global warming was hot



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