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Global Warming - Hysteria
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So How real is Global Warming - Hysteria?

First we should not be asking is the ice melting because the earth is getting warmer,
rather we should recognize the earth is getting warmer because the ice is melting!
The object out of place here is the ice. What made the ice and cooled the planet is gone.

more detailed page http://electrascantv.com/global_warming.htm 

Short, Sweet, simple math for the simple minded Global Warming Liberal
Fact: Large plant eating animals, Woolly Mammoths (WM), are being found near the north pole
Fact: Stomach contents of a few WM are identified, not found in cold climates
Fact: Many of these animals are found standing in the ice, not soil, sudden cold
Fact: WM remains have been found in a ring pattern all the way around the North Pole
Fact: Glands for secreting oil onto the fur, as in other cold climate animals, are not found in the WM
Fact: There are many, many fossils of warm climate animals found in the frozen north
Fact: Large coal beds have been found under Antarctica, coal comes from vegetation
Conclusion: The Earth polar region used to be MUCH warmer
Conclusion: Reduction of Industrialized Nation's greenhouse gases did not bring the ice the first time, 
so removing Industry, greenhouse gases, wont bring the ice back now
Conclusion: The effects of what brought on the ice is dissipating, so the ice is melting
 Conclusion: As Earth was, so it will be, warmer
Below are Links to some interesting Biblical based viewpoints to what did happen.
While I do not specifically hold to some of these denominational positions,
they do have an interesting grasp on earth's development.






Is the earth getting warmer?  
Scientists say the average is about 1 to 1 1/2 degrees per 100 years.
The temp rise is barely measurable
How long have they been keeping these records accurately?
About 150 years.
1 1/2 measurement periods is hardly a comparison 
How long have we been using fossil fuels?
About 75 years.
fossil fuel has only been used 1/2 of total record keeping
Does the Sun play a role?
Scientists say the sunspot activity has been higher the last four 10/11 year cycles.
Sunspots tracked since 1755 with number and severity increasing slightly
The north and south pole ice caps have been shrinking ever since we knew they were there.
The earth is still warming from the last "Ice Age". We really have little to do with it and even less ability (none) to reverse it. I believe that Corona Mass Ejections from the sun have far more impact on the planet than man can imagine.
It is sad how the greed and fear mongering of liberals can capitalize on natural progression.
You don't believe it?  Just follow the money!!!



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