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This is an OPINION page 
New FCC regulations placed by Mr. Obama will make every effort to have my opinion deleted
 under the title 'Net Neutrality'.  Freedom of speech looses again. 

I have been advised by straight ticket Democrats that they are in strong disagreement with this page.

Some  have even expressed they feel insulted...


If the person in this topic was a Bush he would have been impeached long before now.

I apologize to the Democrats that have taken my opinion personal. 
Perhaps if you would put your least favorite Republican official's name here 
instead of the one you are defending, you may get a glimpse of what I am trying to say.  
If you are still insulted, then again I apologize, and we will have to agree to disagree, 
that's why we vote,  so far. 
With well over 50% of the country living off Government handouts, 
voting against the party doing the bribing becomes a conflict of interest.
Wonder if when the bribing party looses, the bribed grew a conscience and stayed home.
Yes, you CAN help people out of poverty without handing them money,
but Governments keep people in poverty so they can be controlled.  GOV.101
What does it say when the Government Bankrupts itself?

I spent my military career defending a Constitutional Nation, BUT
This is no longer a 'Republic' where the general population chooses leaders to make our laws.

Even a 'Democracy' where EVERYONE votes on each law is preferable to what we now have.
This country has succumbed to the government of true 'Dictatorship' where the rule of law is controlled by ONE.
What concerns me is, What are we defending now?


Granting Amnesty and Welfare status to a population greater than many of our states,
 and jumping 2 Trillion deeper in debt is only a small part of the problem. 
If this new law is allowed to stand we no longer need a house of representatives or a senate,
 and we only have to focus on electing one, a president, 
unless he changes that law too. 

I just wonder why the Supreme Court doesn't jump in. 
It is sad that folks such as myself can't afford to sue the president.

I suppose the rest of my rant is a moot point, 
voters with a conflict of interest can't won't fix it. 


I can't keep up with the "fundamental change".

I have deleted much of this page because my anger was counterproductive to getting my point across.

I really believe that to take federal aid one must give up the right to vote. 
Anyone taking government support and voting is a conflict of interest.
 Like congress voting for their own pay raise, the folks on federal aid are voting for more.. aid...


Allow me to explain one of the problems with 'everyone' has a vote';
Say a family of six solves every issue with a family vote.
The children will soon see they can have anything they want since the adults are clearly outnumbered.  Same in U.S. of A., we have way too many immature people voting that have no clue to the consequences of there vote, only that they are seeking instant gratification.  While time passes and the population ages, there is no incentive to grow up as long as you can continue to get what you want.  Obviously, things will continue to degenerate until there is a total breakdown in the family.  Introducing more adults in the later stages only brings about greater arguments, compare with Greece.  If this point is reached, only a complete dissolution of the family unit will bring any peace. America will have to start completely over, probably at the leadership of China, or whoever our owners might be.  

Maybe next time our Constitution will require a voter to have a minimal knowledge of National and World History,  evidence of natural born citizenship, and evidence of gainful employment (IRS 1040 today)  before a person could cast a vote for our leadership.  
Three elements in good decision making are 
education of consequences, 
ownership of the issues, and 
back it up with your own sweat.

 Another reason not 'everyone' should have a vote,,
A scary example of those who voted for him...

I agree this could have been planted in the newspaper to make the Left look silly,
but why do I feel this is the sort of person it takes to get someone elected who 
wants to change the the fabric of our flag.


Check how we are doing with the National Debt Clock
last checked I saw 17 trillion and rising

If you still see it going up ask the Government WHY
Then vote the bums OUT
Oops, too late, America chose to keep them!!!

It really sucks to be forced into debt.

Well, I'm surprised at the turnover of 2014.
Just wonder how the president will work with the congress.
11-20-14 the answer is he won't.

OK the following was from 2008 ---  seems pale in comparison
this was part of my old RANT that I decided must still be said.


Government Funded Stem Cell Research
Yep, you and I are going to pay to use BABY parts for research, whether we want to or not.
(loss of freedom to chose what we support)
Liberals have a fit if a dog is used in research, but baby's are OK?


Government Funded Abortions - Around the World
You have got to be 'Kidding' me.  (need much stronger language here)
(loss of freedom to chose what we support)
Now OUR Tax dollars will pay to kill baby's all over the world.
I am beside myself, don't know what to say that won't land me in jail.



A lot has been deleted here.

2nd TERM

America voted to continue murdering the unborn with my tax dollars
while imprisoning folks that endanger wildlife.

America voted to support the destruction of the institution of marriage.

America voted to dishonor those that gave their lives for her
by supporting one who dishonors the flag and all it represents.

America voted to rape Medicare (and the elderly) to pay for ObamaCare.

America voted to give up the freedom to purchase 
only what you wanted with your money.

America voted to abandon Israel and give the bomb to Iran.
Yes I firmly believe we have a Muslim in the White House, which by itself isn't a problem, 
but like all men of faith, we are guided by our convictions..

I can't keep up with the "fundamental change".

A lot has been deleted here.



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