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This Page is for the purpose of selling some of my excess stock.

To research parts from RETAIL sources, please check the Research page.

Items listed in my Sales Store will not backorder,
this is not intended to be a regular retail store, more like a Storage Room Sale.
If I have it, you can buy it.



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Now this is a really nice work bench, not mine, way too neat.
Hope the fire marshal doesn't notice the breaker box is blocked IN.


This is a Store Room (Garage) Sale.
Warranties, when given will be stated, never implied. 
All factory sealed products are sold 'as is' unless otherwise stated. 
Open items considered 'Bulk' are sold at an 'as is' price. 
Large items such as circuit boards will carry a 30day 'first use' warranty that will be 
refunded on return of MY defective board (the board is marked). 
If you paid freight to get it, that will be refunded too.
The cost to send it back to me is not refunded.
In all other cases the sales are final. I am not a 'try before you buy' store.
All Returns require a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number before returning an item. 
Please contact me at My Email for the RMA or if you just have questions.

I no longer accept PayPal since they took an active position to allow men in ladies restrooms.


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I have tried to be careful not to use any copy-written material on this site. However posting material I receive by way of email lends to the possibility of unintentional copy- write violations.  If you see either images or language that is copy-written, please email me at once so that I may delete that information.  Thank You.