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Reading these pages may cause you to think I am a hard core Republican, I am not.

I am a hard core Constitutional Conservative with a Christian bias.

The first problem with this statement is that one would assume I am anti-progressive. 
Not true if you are calling a progressive one who seeks advancement. 

I found another who speaks the truth as I see it so I will post a few of his videos.

ZoNation: Obama's Immigration Order Unfair to Hispanic Americans


Zo Changed His Mind: Now Supports a Libertarian 3rd Party!


Zo's Libertarian Follow-Up: Responding to All the Commenters


There is No Place for the Confederate Flag in the Conservative Tent



So let's define my understanding of the terms - today's progressive is yesterday's liberal and thereby being one who changes because change is possible and the grass is always greener somewhere else.  Individual rights are more important than the collective, and collective rights are more important than yours, 'circular reasoning'. (unless you are discussing unborn babies, they have no rights) There is no concern for moral boundaries since they see morality as a relative (changeable) issue.  The liberal (progressive) morality prevents one from holding to Christian principles.  There is a thing called progressive christianity which flies in the face of God, and I have yet to understand how democrats(liberals) in the church justify their choices while clinging to the party of the 50's. 
I guess there must be some who consider themselves Conservative Democrats. 
College folks understand a conservative as one who is staunch, stubborn and unchangeable, tightly woven into greed and self-reliance.
(interesting that a college student would think the same of their professor and still call him a progressive)  Anyone who lives a life of financial success may be pushed into this category.  (I do not have a life of financial success, if not for my military retirement I could not afford to have this website.)  My conservative foundation is that of unmovable Biblical principle and the conviction that the American Constitution is drawn from the same principles. So, yes, I am staunch, stubborn and unchangeable, and I do believe the Bible teaches much on self-reliance after God-reliance.  As for the greed part, I think those young folks have missed the point of commitment toward success and are seeing the one percent-ers and ignoring the working class of America.

I believe the Democrats and Republicans have made this a fight over the haves and have-nots while the framers of the Constitution clearly designed it to be a fight between the wants and want-nots (both the very rich and the very poor want not).  side note.. There was a political party during President James Monroe called the Democratic Republicans, one should look to see what that was about. 

Neither the rich nor the poor should be deciding the direction of this country, it should be decided by the overwhelming numbers of those actively striving to achieve success. This is Constitutional and can only be found under the financial background of capitalism.

There should be NO federal tax dollars for Private initiatives.
No one should be earmarking my contributions to America, 
to be used in any private enterprise that I deem immoral or unjust.

NO abortion funding
NO local bridges or roads to anywhere
NO business bailouts

Federal tax dollars must be spent for National purposes. i.e.. 
National Defense, 
maintenance of the 3 branches of government,
U.S. infrastructure of highways.
any project where all states benefit equally, regardless of the project location. 

Health Care is an individual responsibility

There should be open and competitive insurance and personal medical savings programs.  While they should be available between states, the state where you live must have commissions able to govern and protect you from fraud.  Since this would be an interstate enterprise the federal government would include a commission to link the states together for information and judicial exchange.

The want-nots, particularly the very poor, want you to take care of them.  If you want to take care of them there are countless charities. Maybe there are too many individual charities supporting their founders and there should be one charity for the 'Want-nots'.  They still get care through county hospitals and regardless of how it is funded, we pay for it.  The cure is making them an active part of society and providing affordable insurance.

There is another category here I call the 'can-nots'.
These were once maintained by the churches, but the state and federal system has taken over their care.  This is much too personal of a issue for the federal government to make decisions on. The highest level of maintenance for the can-nots should be coming from the state, but the greatest involvement should come from local communities where the individual is known.


Education is a local responsibility

The federal school system was accepted so that the local schools could get federal tax dollars. The problem is that the federal government now dictates the limits to what can be taught.  Government schools are prone to indoctrination of judgment which does not agree with the parenting and morals of the local community.  It really does not matter whether the schools receive their money from the federal tax, state tax, or local tax, it still comes out of your pockets.  If the United States wants federal tax dollars to fund and govern the schools, so be it, but shouldn't it be an amendment, or at least law that the congress and or the states voted on?


more to come


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